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Welcome to Matrix Controls

Building Energy Efficient Systems


Matrix Controls has come a long way from its inception in 1989. Over the years, with many generations of engineers and managers serving the building management community in their seasons, Matrix Controls remain vigilent and steadfast to her founding principle, that is to provide the community at large the best possible solution of their times.

In 2015, the management has taken a bold step to relocate its R&D and Production Departments from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by incorporating Matrix iControl Sdn. Bhd. This move not only consolidate our internal operations, it has also enhanced our ability to turn around new product to meet our customers' needs.

Matrix Controls offers a collection of high-performance energy-efficient controllers to meet the needs of Building Automation fraternity. Over the years, Matrix Controls has been introducing new devices that had helped many building managers, HVAC engineers, system integrators and energy management professionals carving up solutions with ease.

Matrix Controls focuses on Integrated Control, Safety, Security, and Information Technology, in that the future information-enabled platforms are integrated with enerygy-efficient, safety and security. Ethernet enabled, IP-based are core to our current product development program with adoption of the current Worldwide Web Software standards.

Matrix Controls is an IoT company. We favor major M2M initiatives and has developed over time extensive suites of communication protocols and networking capabilities. This is an ongoing effort which we are pursuing relentlessly. All our platforms are mobility readied sporting variety of Mobile HMI Apps of which some are in the form of responsive web applications.